One of my favorite things to do

is to stalk the “weightloss” tag. Every night, there are always dozens of people that say “Today is the day! Today is the day I start eating right and lose all my extra weight!” and they say they will use tumblr as a tool, for encouragement or whatever. I usually send a message or follow them in the least. Then a few days later I check up on them. Their tumblr is a ghostly cemetary with only the one introductory post. They never log back on. They never make progress. I can feel their despair and heartache through the screen. It breaks my heart so much, because I think about all the times I wanted to lose weight, but then gave up the next day. 

This in itself shows that losing weight is hard. Not physically. It’s easy to go for an hour long walk, and it’s easy to eat carrot sticks. It is incredibly hard mentally. It is incredibly hard to believe in yourself. To know you CAN exercise, an you CAN go longer and harder than you ever dreamed of. You CAN eat healthy, it just takes extra time and practice. It is so difficult to look in the mirror and affirm to your reflection, “you are worth it.” It’s hard to get over your food adiction, and fall in love with a healthy body. It is hard to change the mentality you have had for years, “you’re fat and worthless.”

 I’ve heard the quote “Losing weight is 80% nutrition, 30% exercise.” but honestly… the true quote should be “Losing weight is 80% mental, and 30% physical.”

If you genuinely believe in yourself, YOU CAN DO THIS.