About me

I live in the USA, I’m in my early 20’s. I have been overweight my entire life, but I’m working on not only changing it, but fully understanding and realizing how much my weight has affected me. All of my memories posted are completely true. These are events that have happened to me, and that have helped shape who I am as a person. Obesity is a symptom - we are all overeating for some reason or another. We put our bodies on the backburner. Maybe because we are depressed. Maybe because we’re busy. Any way, we need to understand how much our weight does affect our daily lives. 

Overall, I love myself. I am pretty, smart, & I am stylish. I am a great friend and can be quite clever. I don’t want this blog to come across as self-pitying. The reason for it’s existance is to help motivate myself (and hopefully others) to become the happiest, healthy body I can. To pave our future, we must comprehend the past. 

I am approximately 5 ft.  3 inches, pear shaped. 

HW: 248

SW: 232

CW: 206.2


GW2: 185 (The lie that’s on my drivers license!)

GW3: 170 (Just a pretty number)

GW4:150 (on the verge of “healthy” BMI)

Ultimate goal weight is non-existent. I literally do not know what it’s like to me in the “normal” BMI. 

(When I get to 199, I will post progress pics!)