Just finished W5D2 of Couch to 5k!!



W5D3 - one of the HARDEST DAYS is looming ahead of me….friday, please be kind!

ME TOO!!!! I’m probably going to pass out lol

Omg, let me know how it goes for you! I just skimmed through your blog. Inspiration! Followed!

Just finished W5D2 of Couch to 5k!!

W5D3 - one of the HARDEST DAYS is looming ahead of me….friday, please be kind!


Remember who the real competition is.


Remember who the real competition is.

July so far!

Weigh In, Sunday June 29th, Week 1: 256.8 lbs

  • Sunday: No miles, rest
  • Monday June 30th: 3.1 miles, C25k training, & treadmill walk/run
  • Tuesday July 1st: 3.15 miles walk at an incline
  • Wednesday July 2nd: 3.35 miles C25k training, & treadmill run/walk
  • Thursday July 3rd: 1.75 miles outdoor run, C25k training. Failed workout. Quit last interval, too damn hot outside.
  • Friday July 4th: No miles, rest
  • Saturday July 5th: 3.3 miles, C25k

End of week weigh-in:

  • Sunday, July 6th
  • 252.0 lbs

Total loss: -4.8 lbs



Anyone want to go all in on setting some outrageous goals for the month of July? It’s July 1st! We have 30 more days to get shit accomplished. Anyone want to join me?

I want to Walk/Run/Record at least 70 miles.

Yes, 70.

I’ll do better recording my progress with pictures, but I literally just thought of this. Today I walked a 5k. Tomorrow is C25k W4D1!!! So I’ll definitely get another 5k in, as I walk after I finish my running.



70 Miles

I also want to log my food intake for the entire month on Myfitnesspal.

Post on this blog on the daily.

Anyone want to work accountability???

"There will never be a time in your life where it is the ‘right time’ to do great things. If you wait for the perfect moment or the right time, it will not occur. You have to create it by yourself, the opportunity and the situation."

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Anonymous said: Hi, I've followed your blog and I saw that you updated it. I just wanted to let you know that I've been struggling with a binge eating disorder too and I'm currently at my highest weight as well. It's really hard to keep those negative thoughts away (I have them every day) but you're not too fat to be loved or fucked. Somehow against all odds (at least to me), I found someone who loves me and thinks I'm cute/hot and likes my body and its stretchmarks and dimples.

Thanks so much for your message and support. I really appreciate it. Honestly, I was just having a TERRIBLE day. I bought a scale, found out I gained A LOT, on the same day I was sort of dumped by someone. I fell into my previous thinking, blaming my weight for all rejections I face, when I know that’s not true. I have lots of good qualities, and I’ve made awesome strides at accepting and loving myself. Some days just suck you back into the darkness, you know? But I really appreciate everything you’ve sent me. It’s beyond kind. xxoxoxo

JUST finished Week 3 Day 3 of C25k. That means I start Week 4 on Wednesday!!!!

Week 4 looks hella hard. I will struggle, but I will make it through. I want to become a runner so badly. 

Add me on myfitnesspal.

Inbox me for my name!

Goals for the month of July:

Continue C25k.

Continue going to the gym 3-5 times a week.

Continue logging my meals into myfitnesspal

Continue getting lots of sleep.

Attempt at least 10,000 steps on my jawbone every day.

Weigh in every Sunday and record it.




can’t not reblog

Me at exercise class

I’m all three of them




can’t not reblog

Me at exercise class

I’m all three of them

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weight loss is so weird like wheres the fat?? where did it all go???


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Anonymous said: Hey, you are wonderful. :)

Thank you. :)


has just been a terrible fucking day

my thoughts are so negtive and unhealthy right now

"You’re too fat to be loved."

"You’re good enough to fuck, but too fat to be girlfriend material."

"You’ll never be able to wear that."

negative thoughts I thought I’d risen above

negative thoughts I thought I had demolished with progress and accomplishment, by loving myself


i am the fattest i have EVER BEEN, EVER

this means I have gained 50 lbs in the past year




I just bought a scale. and I have gained so much weight. I knew I gained some weight. Like, I knew it. I could feel it in my clothes. I could feel it in how I felt. I figured, oh 20 lbs or so. NO.


i feel so awful. How could I do this to myself? How could I do this to my poor body? How could I let all my hard work last year go to fucking waste? March of 2013 I was 201 lbs. I was so close to being the SMALLEST I’ve ever been in my life. How could I just binge and binge and forget about how much better I feel when I eat healthy and exercise?

How could I let this happen? Obesity is a symptom of a greater struggle, and mine is a binge eating disorder. I need help.

I need to start taking this shit seriously. This is my fucking future. I’m not getting any younger. I can already feel the effects of my obesity. In my lungs. In my joints.

I WILL weigh in every single week. I will weigh in and post it here for all to see.

Today I weigh 256 lbs.

I will never weigh that again in my life.

I am my number one fucking priority. Forever.

I love this!

I love this!

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